El Terrible - What Rough Beast LP

Release Date: May 12th 2015

Artist Information

  • Label: Breakup Records
  • Genre: Post-Punk / No-Wave
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA
  • Influences: Berlin, The Mission, Lucha Libres


El Terrible was the nickname given to Terry Ashkinos - formerly of Fake Your Own Death and Elephone - whilst working as a short order cook in a Sizzler.

He began sketching ideas for this project in a small apartment above a bar during an extended stay in Berlin. The result of that time is What Rough Beast - a sparse, dark collection of very personal and diverse post-punk songs.

A veteran of the SF underground scene, Ashkinos worked with a number of producers and musicians to bring El Terrible to life; taking small stories about misfits and the collapse of meaning and layering them with reverb and infectious beats to create an alluring patchwork of uneasiness and romantic nostalgia.

Joined live by Scott Eberhardt (LSD, The Search For God) and Adrian McCullough (Fake Your Own Death), El Terrible experienced a strong 2014, opening for bands like Blood Red Shoes, !!!, White Denim and The Weekend as well as playing at SXSW, Mission Creek Festival and Noise Pop.





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